Measured radoncontent in indoor air.

The data shows the values for the radon measurements received from Gävle municipality. There may be more measurements made that the municipality has no knowledge of. In multi-family houses, measurements may have been made in several different apartments with different results but the location of the measurement is linked to the entrance address or property where the measurement was performed.

From 2000, the information in the radon measurements is more often complete. From 2001, measuring points and floor plans are separated in each column, which may facilitate executions.

The update of the information is ongoing. Partly ongoing for single incoming radon measurements and partly in connection with annual combined deliveries from radon laboratories. The Environmental and Healthprotection department at the Community building Gävle is responsible for the information.

The dataset is also included in the Gävle Municipality's web map Radonkartan.

The Municipality of Gävle disclaims all responsibility for any errors or changes in open data that has been supplied by Gävle Municipality to the consumer. The Municipality of Gävle disclaims all responsibility for damage or other inconvenience resulting from improper use of open data in assimilated products or with other information.

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